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Debbie Mullins

Petersburg, TN

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Myotonic Goats, Nervous Goats, or Fainting Goats. No matter what you call them, we have them. Fainting goats have been in Marshall County for decades.  They first strolled across this farm in the 1930's. They are well adapted to the hills of Tennessee.  You may find many fine examples in our photo gallery.


      Marshall County, Tennessee has been named the cradle of the Myotonic Goat.  Our local goat history tellers educate us that four black & white, stiff legged  goats were escourted to Marshall County in the early 1900’s by a man named Tinsley. At that time, they were unusual because of the myotonic condition which caused their muscles to stiffen and then relax. The process does not hurt them and they do not loose consciousness. 

      Original myotonics were medium sized goats with bold facial  expressions, medium length ears, sturdy framework, and thick muscling .   The breed is generally hardy, disease resistant, prolific breeders, and good mothers. They usually milk generously for about four months & most (but not all) wean their kids on their own.  

Woody Creek Farm is located near Lewisburg, Tennessee in Marshall County.    Our goal is to raise top quality goats that will be productive at home as well as in the show ring. The breeding program is structured to produce goats that will lead long, healthy, productive lives. We have approximately seventy five myotonic goats.  Most of them are people friendly, with the exception of a few independent souls. In past  years, we have tested annually for disease with negative results for CAE, CL, & Johnes.  Currently, testing is done randomly and/or upon the customer's  paid request.  

 Kids are usually born here during the winter and early spring.  Our kids are raised on a 14% grain ration, a variety of mixed grass hay, and free choice minerals.  They enjoy pasture during the day and the barn is their safe sleeping place at night.  All of the mamas and babies are observed daily from the time the does are four months pregnant until the kids are weaned and the mamas dried off, so that we can promptly treat any health issues that may arise.  We vaccinate annually for Tetanus, Overeating Disease, Leptospirosis, & Pasturella Pneumonia. Deworming is done on an as needed basis. Every thinkable effort is taken to prevent disease & promote  happy, healthy animals.

Kids are usually available for sale around the first of each year.  Adult animals or show stock are offered for sale at various times of the year.  Check the"For Sale" page for availability.  A prior email and a  $100 deposit is required to hold your selection for 30 days or until kids are 3 months old.   For purchasing  arrangements, a farm visit, or if you would like additional information about our goats, please email to:  [email protected]    Thank you  for visiting with us.    


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            All of our goats are Tennessee Born & Breed!

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